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Mona D'Amours is a 3rd generation photographer. Her grandfather, Norbert D'Amours, was a photojournalist covering the Mexico-US Border War in 1918. He never returned from his assignment to Lévis, Québec. His cause of death is unknown though most likely from gun battle.  His wife, Evelina Pearson, mother of six also died in 1918 of the Spanish Flu. My father, Delouvier D'Amours, age seven, and five siblings were orphans. My father has no memories of his parents.

Baby Picture - 7 months: His oldest brother, Charles D'Amours, became a portrait photographer.  He took all of Mona's black and white portraits since she was a baby. His wife hand painted the colours in Mona's first portrait at seven months with her pink dress, and gold bracelet.

Teenager - 17 years: Her uncle took her last portrait, and also brought her to the darkroom to develop them. That was the last time she saw her uncle who died soon thereafter, but it was the spark that ignited her passion for photography both in front of, and behind the camera.

Adult - 57 years: Mona's daughter, Menina invited her mom to Los Angeles in 2006, and treated her with a photo shoot. Mona thought she was too old for this, so she wore a medieval dress.

Adult - 70 years: When Mona announced that she wanted a photo shoot for her birthday, her children asked "Why?" Her answer: "This is the best I will ever look. It's downhill from now on." Then the pandemic hit. Mona coped with covid by capturing every moment of life with photography.

The D'Amours Signature: There are no pictures of either her grandfather or her uncle. All that remains are the portraits with her uncle's signature. This tradition is why the signature of Mona is on this website. It's the D'Amours trademark for three generations of photographers.


Mona was labelled a "hyperactive, gifted" child which translates into a child that is always expected to succeed. This is a perfect recipe for a workaholic. She was 12 in grade 9. She graduated from university at 20 . . .  She is an accredited photographer with PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada in the following: performing artists, pictorial/scenic, botanical, bird/ornithology, nature, equine, architecture. She is the National Blog Chair for the News stories for PPOC, who is responsible for publishing/editing, and encouraging other photographers from across Canada to write online news stories in both official languages. She wrote her first news story on Canada Day July 1, 2021, The True North Strong and Free, and to encourage others to share their stories with PPOC Photographers - Call to Action. It is ironic that her grandfather who was a photojournalist lost his life as a photographer during the Spanish Flu, and his granddaughter, Mona started her career in photography as a photojournalist for PPOC during the Covid pandemic. According to history, her grandfather was a rebel photojournalist who wrote for the Mexican heroes of Pancho Villa and Obregón during the Mexico-US border war at the time of his death. It is also ironic that Mona's father, who was an orphan in 1918 was adopted by his uncle, the Honourable Charles Marcil, Speaker for the House of Commons, and Acting Mayor of Montreal. Is genetics the mysterious force in Mona's life?


Following the wildfire behind her home (read her article) in the summer of 2021, she plans to offer photography retreats in the mountains of Ashcroft, BC in the summer of 2023. Guests will stay in her luxurious 5,000 square foot custom built log home with log beds in all sizes from double, queen, king, and bunks beds. Experience the majestic vistas facing Willard Lake and Barnes Lake, and the wildlife that roam the 40 acres in the only desert in Canada. In the summer and fall, deer, bears, beavers, marmots, and sometimes stray cows from neighboring organic farms will come for a visit, or stay overnight in their oasis amongst the Juniper, Oak, Cedar, and Birch trees surrounded by sage brush, a natural herb for a peaceful sleep.  Swim, kayak, paddle board, fish, or simply explore the waters in a zodiac with the eagles flying overhead, and loons, Canada geese, ducks, and herons. Start to plan your future retreat, only three and a half hours north of Vancouver, BC, Canada. "Dare to Live with Covid" is a slide show of her adventures during the pandemic with her family and her husband, Desiderio Fortunato. "Imagine your Retreat" is your home away from home for your next adventure in 2022. 



"Photography is a timeless treasure since tomorrow is the past of the future, and today is the future of yesterday.

Without pictures, there is no past, there is no future. There is only today which is a fleeting moment in time."

quote by Mona D'Amours



Isaac Newton, physicist, and author wrote “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Loss = Win. Win = Loss. This is the law of nature. It has been loss that has led me to the most enriching experiences of life. It is not by avoiding loss or denying loss that you can win. You will only win if you embrace loss, and learn from it. Everyone can win, but loss is the best teacher in life . . . I take too many pictures, but everything I see is a moment in time I may never see again. I produce too many Theta Brain waves so I'm on a perpetual high, day dream too much, and am told I'm exceptionally creative. At 72, I’m expected to slow down. That doesn’t make any sense since I have a terminal illness called life expectancy. I want to race to the finish line before the finish line races towards me. I may have 10 good years, or 20, or maybe even 30. That’s why I want to live life now. To win. To lose. To win. That's why!

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